This blog is dedicated to provide interesting and relative articles and resources for use by home improvement contractors and builders.

PreferredContractor.com is a new company with a revolutionary approach to providing jobs for contactors.  It is our goal to be more than a remote website somewhere, but rather form a team of contractors nationwide, that each feels part of each others success.

Jim Mastin Sr, the founder of this company, has owned his own construction company in past years. In recent years has constructed several houses from the ground up, dealing with many sub contractors. It is these experiences that prompted the forming of this new company.

In addition, he is founder and 50% owner of a nationwide inspection company providing construction progress reports of new construction and remodels.

Please view the provided video to see how this new company will work for contractors and for customers.

Contractor Video

Customer Video


5 responses to “About

  1. Thanks for this most informative information. It is deeply appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I am excited to see your business get started. We are looking forward to being one of your electrical contractors from Charleston, SC. We also want to thank you for starting a business for contractors and customers.
    Jake Pye III

  3. PreferredContractor.com

    Thanks, Jack, looking forward too. Trying to get the customer promotion side rolled out now. Lot of work!


  4. How can you be offering a free quote from our Roofing company? While making sure that we are the only contact for our company, your website appeared and listed our name to obtain a quote from. Please explain why this happened.

  5. Great idea for a website… It would be great for la local California concrete contractor like myself to have a place to go. Really appreciate your site and I’ll be visiting your site often for contractor updates. Hope there is someone here form the Palm Springs area to talk with regarding custom concrete installations.

    Jack – J & L Custom Concrete Contractor
    Palm Springs, CA

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